How to setup an online store properly and start selling products online? Make sure to avoid these 5 common mistakes!


The internet today offers you an incredible opportunity to sell all kinds of products and services and reach out to global markets. The internet helps you to attract buyers from all over the world who can purchase from your online store 24/7.

Setting up an online store is a big deal. There are so many things that need to be considered. The ecommerce world is pretty competitive, which means that expanding your business and maximizing your profits require proper planning. In order to setup an online store right, you need to avoid mistakes that can only harm your business. By avoiding these mistakes you will be able to build a solid base for your online store and successfully sell your products online.

  • Complicated checkout – When setting up your new online store, don’t complicate the checkout process of your visitors and buyers. You need to keep it as simple as possible and try not to require too many details, just the basic information.
  • Bad payment gateway – When choosing a payment gateway, make sure to use one that your shoppers feel comfortable and safe with. You need to use a payment gateway that is verified and 100% secure.
  • Not providing a good return policy – You need to keep in mind that your customers can’t touch, feel or visualize the product you are selling and if you can’t afford a good return policy, your customers won’t trust you and they won’t buy your products. A good return policy gives them an assurance of your products.
  • Slow loading speed – You need to ensure your website loads up fast. Sometimes, the ecommerce websites can be pretty heavy in data and files as there are lots of features and modules to display. You need to optimize your website and invest in a properly hosting server to ensure fast loading speed.
  • Information overload – You need to keep your website straightforward, simple, short, and concise. Make sure not to have too much information on the site or overcrowded designs that will confuse your visitors.

Keep these points in mind while setting up your online store and ensure the features of security, speed, and simplicity which add value to the overall online shopping experience. Allow your customers to enjoy your store and shop knowing their information are secured.