Business Domain Name Registration: 8 Tips for Getting Your Business Domain Right

Before, people saw websites like online business cards. Having a website was considered as a necessity to get your business name out there. Today, things have changed. Most businesses today depend on their websites and ecommerce stores to boost awareness about the business and brand among potential customers.

Modern technology and market trends have changed what websites can do and that is why users expect more than a business card. Websites have become businesses’ virtual offices around the world.

Regardless of the business, you are in now, a website today is not considered as an option, it is essential. And the first thing you need when building a website is a domain name. What one should know about business domain name registration? How to find the perfect domain for your online business? More info

How to Choose the Best Domain for Your Business

At first, it may seem like a simple and easy thing to do – choosing a domain name for your business, that can’t be hard. However, your business name is something you should be careful about. That name will stick with you for years to come and you don’t want to make any mistakes from the beginning.

Cover the Basics

How would you feel if you registered only to found out that someone else, your competition maybe had registered If they already optimized the website well, if SEO is taken care of, you will have troubles keeping and protecting your name. That is why, experts advice to book other domain extensions for your business domain, for example, .net, .org, and other extensions. This prevents anyone from using your business domain.

Park The Domains Together

If you decide to register multiple extensions of your domain, it is always a smart idea to park all of your domains with the same domain name registrar or service provider. If you do so, you will make administration of all of your domain names easier. Managing different service providers is harder than it looks.

Think of Your Future

Always think a few years (5, 10 or more) down the line. Would you be involved in the exact same business or there is a chance of expansion, diversification into other areas? If you choose a domain name that defines your company too narrowly, you may end up being limited in the long run.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Let’s support only .net domain extension is available for your domain name. In a situation like this, what do you do? If, for example, only one domain name extension is available, then it means that other domains have been purchased by someone else and your new domain will not be the first name out there. Instead of registering the only option available, it is better to check for other alternatives and variations of your business name. You need a name that will represent your business properly.

Know What You Can and Can’t Use

You can’t just use the first business domain name that will pop up in your mind. You need to know exactly what you can and cannot use. For example, you can use numbers and letters in your business name. However, you can’t use space between two or more words and you also can’t use special characters like #, $, %, and others. Using capital letters as domain names is fine. MyBusinessDomain is same as mybusinessdomain.

Keep it Up to Date

Owning a domain name is a serious responsibility. The information you use need to be accurate. If your contact information are changed, update your domain as well. As a domain name owner, it is your responsibility to make sure the domain information is up to date.

Even though the domain name registrar will remind you when the domain name comes for renewal it is good to keep these things in mind. You surely don’t want to lose your domain over a stupid mistake, just because you forgot to renew your domain.

No One Wants a Me-Too Business

Avoid using a domain that includes an already established business name. Yes, we know that this sounds something too foolish to do, but there are people out there who don’t do any research before purchasing a domain name.

If you sell shoes and call your website BestAdidasShoes.Com, you may have troubles explaining to your customers that you are not an official Nike store. There may be serious consequences that you don’t want to deal with, at least not now when you are trying to build a successful brand online.

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